Katpro Technologies: Reinforcing User Experience and ROI with SharePoint Services

CIO Vendor Presently, Microsoft Share¬Point has accomplished remarkable attention on account of its out of the box solutions and features that enable small to mid size businesses as well as large organizations. Indeed, while adopting a new software, enterprises of all sizes will definitely perceive about cost, investment and ROI. These can be projected by large enterprises, however, they demand seamless user experience. But, SMEs and start-ups are highly concerned about saving their IT budget and they necessitate innovative partners to project their ROI. Being a tech-friendly company which constantly experiments with latest technologies, Bangalore headquartered Katpro Technologies INC. brings out a pioneering SharePoint services portfolio for aiding its clients to project their ROI and attain seamless user experience. “Katpro is into the business for helping our clients achieve more with their same IT budget. We are one of the small companies which support complete Microsoft stack of solutions including Cortana Analytics and Machine Learning.” unveils Kothandaraman R, CEO of Katpro Technologies INC. In the SharePoint segment, it delivers Consulting Ser vices, Development and Migration, Monitoring Services and Support Services. The company focuses on pragmatic IT and technology based business solutions and keeps high significance on better ROI, integrity, foresight, quality, transparency and quick turnarounds. Apart from SharePoint solutions, Katpro offers AI & ChatBots, Mobility Solutions and Cloud Solutions etc.

Katpro delivers two engagement models in the SharePoint landscape.With its primary engagement model,it offers pre configured modules like Intranet Portals and Leave Management etc. that are customized according to clients' requirements, hence implemented and integrated with clients'internal systems. This
enables them to save time and budget with regard to development time. Secondly, Katpro offers custom development model. “When there is a requirement for a custom application like Proposal Management System, we go ground up from gathering requirements to setting project execution team, agile scrum process, and intensive QA and implementation support. We have been creating custom solutions on SharePoint for clients like Honda AERO, Puravankara, Canon etc.,” explains Kothandaraman R. Furthermore, Katpro uses a predefined IT budget for SharePoint Consulting Services which can create an action plan as per the projected investment and ROI. Believing on customization of human to human interactions or collaboration tools, it follows a customized as well as personal approach than industry specific blocks.

Katpro has a team of skilled developers and tech-savvy employees who improve clients' relationship and fulfill requirements from ideation to completion

With AI and ChatBots, Katpro aids enterprises to create an initiative towards automation. Katpro’s AI methodologies aim to help customers streamline and rationalize costs and overheads, and provide ease of use and better interactions. It has been already helping companies automate their HR and Recruitment process using ChatBots.

Katpro has a team of skilled developers and tech-savvy employees who improve clients' relationship and fulfill requirements from ideation to completion. “Right from ERP, BPM, and Project Management to Product based applications, we cater entire suite of solutions,” winds up Kothandaraman R.