How the Enterprise Division is Contributing to the Government's Digital India and Smart City Initiative

Vijay Wadhawan, Associate Director, Panasonic India

As India continues to wander down the path of technological transformation and smart innovative capabilities, its rapid urban de­velopment centred around the favourable policy framework has been the key to its successful transcendence, leapfrogging its way towards an intelligent holistic peninsular region. The ‘Smart City’ and ‘Digital India’ initiative is an ambitious multilayer effort to boost the economic development, technological innovation and sustainable growth across the country’s territotories. The motivation that drives a nation in its quest to achieve the status of a developmental power house is propelled by the need to bypass the chal­lenges posed by traditional and conventional measures still in circulation.

''The infusion of enterprise solutions within the economy, has given it the much needed impetus of evolving itself into some thing of digitally smart dome''

The infusion of enterprise solutions within the econ­omy, has given it the much needed impetus of evolving itself into something of digitally smart dome. Ever since the honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi an­nounced the establishment of the ‘Digital India’ and ‘Smart City’ initiatives, it opened the floodgates to unique technological metamorphosis connectivity and infrastruc­tural empowerment. Certain solutions and products have critically contributed to the augmentation and enterprise incorporation to the GOI's initiatives, such as:

Security and Surveillance

Technology is an imperative part of the enterprise divi­sion and has significantly contributed to the simultaneous growth of the two initiatives. Its continual expansion is changing the dimensions of enterprise and physical security alike. Under the governments ‘Smart City Pro­ject’ around 5000 CCTV cam­eras have been installed in the capital Delhi, 4717 in Mumbai and 5000 will be installed in the state of Bangalore. The installa­tions have been playing Sherlock which in turn has assisted in bringing down the petty crime rate in parts of Delhi by as much as 50%. According to recently published figures by Hyderabad Police, technological up-gradation and procurement of CCTV cameras have brought down the crime rate by 14 per cent com­pared to a year earlier. Corporations are now diving deep into the realms of security and add­ing the concept of connectivity to it as well. Video door phones are another range of corporate enterprise of­ ferings which have integrated the aspects of connectivity and safety into a smart home automation device. It not only comes bundled with traditional tracking features, but also new connectable ones which lets one monitor the people coming to visit via the connected smartphone. These enterprise solutions have added a new dimension to the citizens surveillance needs with a pinch of a smart digital layer.

Ubiquitous Connectivity

The ease and need of connectivity is the primary funda­mental of a niche modern society. Businesses are now ada­mant on expanding their geographic footprint, in order to augment their presence, service offerings and to add to their portfolio. In today’s information society, the need and ability to manage and source data is extremely criti­cal for businesses in order to continually run through out without any hindrance whatsoever. Ruggedized laptops and smartphones have been contributing extensively to this aspect by being the information carrier and data ena­bler for its customers and personnels across the country. Their ability to access information in remote areas and the aptitude to function in even the most extreme environ­ments really puts them at the threshold of being the crown jewel within the commode of enterprise solutions. They are imperative during infrastructural manoeuvres; navi­gational purposes and most importantly don’t brittle off when they hit the ground or any solid object, thus keeping the data at hand extremely secure.

Enterprise solutions have really turned around the technological landscape of the nation during one of its most essential economic paradigm shift in recent history. They have been the key driving force behind the current growth expansion of the government led ‘Digital India’ and ‘Smart City’ initiatives, and are now unceasingly thrusting its solutions and ideas in order to simplify and improve the nation’s connected outlook.